Wednesday, July 23, 2008



I must be, quite possibly, the worst blogger on the planet. Aside from my lack of posts, I've had no impetus to keep this going - but things seem to be changing, and I feel more inclined to unleash my polemic upon you (whoever you are...)

I was intrigued to hear of this - and I know I'm not the first, and certainly not the last, to see the irony that the 'Butcher' has been living life as a fugitive, and has become an authority on alternative therapy and meditation.

Has he turned his life around? Does he repent? Can he justify his karma to the world? I don't think we'll know until he defends himself.

I hear on the news, and read on a lot of blogs, that some people seem to be totally confused as to how someone can lead this 'double-life' so successfully. Don't forget that this man was a former psychiatrist, and worked his way up to the top of the totem pole. As such, we can safely assume that the ensuing battle of hearts and minds - to be fought fiercely on both sides, for and against Karadzic [for those who are unsure, it's pronounced 'Kah-rah-ji-ch' - I have that on authority from a Serbian friend... ;-) ], will be very well put together from both points of view, in respect to whether you believe his actions were justified and heroic, or despotic and murderous.

Many have also mentioned in the media as to how this will affect the admission of Serbia into the EU, but I do not think that it will have that great an effect - Croatia, a country much further down the line than Serbia (part of NATO and invited onto the UN Security Council as a non-permanent member), is still being relatively hounded by the EU prior to its own admission. In this respect, this is only a small victory for Serbia, and it still could go either way depending on how Keradzic and his relation to Serbia is portrayed to the rest of the world.

This should be quite interesting to watch unfold... but what do I know... I'm a musician!

Sapere Aude.



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